Puppet Club

In the second week of half term some children from Years 3-8 took part in a puppet workshop at school. It was a great week of arts and crafts, drama and games.
The children learnt about the history of the first puppets created by the Ancient Greeks. They discovered puppets from different cultures including bunraku puppets from Japan, water puppets from Vietnam, shadow puppets from Asia, and of course the original Punch and Judy of British seaside fame.
The children designed and made finger puppets sewn from felt, shadow puppets with moving limbs from black paper and coloured cellophane, and rod puppets from recycled bottles, dowel, chop sticks and papier-mâché –there were some wonderfully original creations!
The children looked at Aesop’s fables and came up with some of their own puppet plays with a moral message. They enjoyed playing ‘body consequences’ to help them develop characters, performing to each other and improvising voices and characteristics for their puppets. They had great fun discovering new playground games and socialising with old friends and new. The children should all be commended for their brilliant team work, imaginative ideas and creativity. Well done!