Year 6 Geography trip

Here is what one pupil had to say about the trip.

Here we studied what life and vertebrates are on the foreshore, how fast the water flows, what temperature it is and about flooding. We went down to the foreshore  and used nets to pick up creatures and put them in a white tray full of water to study.

To measure how fast the water flows we threw dog biscuits in the water and timed how long it took a biscuit to travel 30m. Our results were roughly 40-60 seconds. The temperature of the water was about 16°. If it gets over 20° it is bad because the bacteria can grow at their best. 

Most of the houses by the foreshore have big walls and gates to stop their house flooding. Very few houses there have no walls at all. These were built in the olden days because people liked the river view. Did you know that the river is at its cleanest for 200 years?!