Year 6 visit Hockney exhibition

Year 6 visited the David Hockney exhibition this week at the Tate Britain. The children were able to see a huge number of varied works spanning the career of this contemporary artist. Miss Nichols and Mr Dibb were particularly impressed by their critical and thoughtful approach at looking at these art works.

'The best for me was the four seasons video, it was the same road repeated around the room, but it changed dramatically over the year.' Arthur Baldwin

'I loved painting of the swimming pool in California, I loved colours and the splattered splash effect.' William Grubb

'I found it really interesting how you could see how he created his ipad paintings at the end on the videos.' Juliet Waters 'I liked how he explored different perspectives and view points.' Israar Clarke

'I generally really enjoyed the trip.' Lucas Emmott

Huge thanks to Mrs Bowers and Mrs Baldwin for their invaluable help.