Welcome to the St Paul's Cathedral School website. We are a co-educational preparatory school for boys and girls aged 4 to 13 and a residential choir school for the boy choristers of St Paul's Cathedral. We have a unique location in the heart of the City of London and a history that can be traced back to the 12th century. Our close links with St Paul’s Cathedral are very important to us and we affectionately refer to this wonderful building as our 'school chapel'. It is a very special place.

Education has a profound impact on society. At its best, it is about changing the world to be a better place, for all. The pandemic has shown us our fragility, but also our resilience and interdependency on each other, across the world, and from every walk of life. It has also shown in sharp relief the terrible inequalities in society. We also have our most pressing issue: climate change. Adversity is a catalyst to imagine and create a better future, and at St Paul’s Cathedral School, we want to help our young people to have the creative courage to make a difference in their lifetimes. It is not easy, but we must strive for this and it starts young.

Giving the boys and girls in our care firm foundations for the future and preparing them for the next stage in their education in a safe and comfortable environment where ideas can be explored and challenged is central to our aims and principles. There is real breadth to the educational experience here. We are situated on a relatively small site, but our location means that we can make the most of what London has to offer: trips to museums and galleries and other places where children can learn about the world from different perspectives are a regular occurrence, and of course we have permanent access to one of the world’s most iconic buildings, the Cathedral. The most important thing we aspire to do as a school is instil a love of learning, from science to the arts and sport, about ourselves and our place in the world and, ultimately what we can all do to make a positive difference, together.

The boys and girls go on to a wide variety of senior schools at 11+ and 13+: co-educational; single sex; boarding and day. And while we think of exams as an outcome, not a goal, we have a good record of scholarships, particularly music scholarships, to many of the top schools in London and beyond.

We pride ourselves on the high calibre of pastoral care given to all our pupils and resident staff take on the particular role of looking after the choristers who board in a separate building on the school's site.

This website will give you details of our aims and principles, our admissions' policy and all that we offer. Nevertheless, it cannot fully convey the feelings of warmth, friendliness and community that are at the heart of St Paul's Cathedral School. Please do come and visit. I look forward to meeting you.


Mrs Judith Fremont-Barnes