Academic Scholarships

Candidates wishing to apply for an Academic Scholarship will be able to demonstrate a high degree of intellectual curiosity and must display an adaptive and adventurous risk-taking approach to learning and problem solving. Candidates may have exceptional aptitude and interest in one particular domain, or have a broad interest in a range of areas. Successful candidates will be those who habitually read or enquire into their areas of interest beyond the curriculum, and will be self-motivated learners.

Assessment will include reports and references from the candidate’s current school, tests in English and maths, plus verbal and non-verbal Reasoning.

Candidates will also be invited to write a short essay on a subject of their choice, and will be interviewed by the Head, the Deputy Head Academic and a subject leader. The interviews are informal, and are designed to allow candidates to freely discuss ideas. Success does not necessarily depend on high attainment in every area of the assessments

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