Art Scholarships

Candidates wishing to apply for an Art’s Scholarship will be the type of child who is naturally drawn to, and is compelled to make, design, draw, paint or try out other forms of visual or plastic art.

They may be on their way to developing a personal style and be passionately excited to explore a range of media and ideas.

Either way, they will be prodigious in their output, creative risk takers and naturally curious about the world of art. They will be craving to visit galleries, and to try things out for themselves.

Assessment will include reports and references from their current school, tests in English and Maths, plus Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. Candidates will also be asked to discuss their portfolio of work with the Head of Art and the Headmaster.

In addition, candidates will spend time in the art studio, exploring ideas and displaying their drawing skills under instruction to assess adaptability to ideas and guidance.

While the offer of an Art’s Scholarship is not a guarantee of a future scholarship to a senior school at 13+, the ambition to do so is encouraged.

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