Admissions Process

Try out for the Cathedral Choir

Are you looking for exciting opportunities for your son? Join our musical family and be part of history. Becoming a chorister at St Paul’s is simple, fun, and open to any boy in Year 2-5 from London or beyond who loves to sing. 

Give it a go with three easy steps

  • Book to attend one of our many singalong zoom sessions throughout the year. We will teach you and others some fun songs, you can  meet our choristers, and we will give you a virtual tour of the Cathedral and school. Dates are posted below.
  • Practice one of the songs we teach. You can use the backing track to sing along at home. There are two options below, and you can learn your favourite song.
  • Come for an informal meeting, at which you can sing your favourite song to us. You will be welcome to use words, or you can sing from memory. If you play an instrument, you can bring that too, but this is not a requirement.

What’s next?

Once we’ve met, your family will arrange to meet with us in school. We can discuss bursaries and boarding, and you are welcome to come for a tour of the boarding house. Your son will have his ‘formal’ audition, which will be much like the informal meeting, with some rhythm and listening games (no preparation is required for this)

We are always pleased to hear from families who have questions.

If you have a question or would like to book onto one of our zoom sessions, please write to Tom Daggett at

Our next 'Being a Chorister' Zoom session will be on Wednesday 2nd February at 6pm.

Future dates: 16th March, 25th May, 29th June 2022

Use the links below to view a performance video, download sheet music or to play the backing track