Ordinary boys doing extraordinary things.

Being a chorister is an extraordinary experience, and privilege.

Coming from all walks of life, the opportunity to train as a chorister breaks down barriers, builds life skills, and offers children “the single greatest leg-up a child can be given in life”, says Alexander Armstrong, former chorister, television and radio presenter, comedian, actor and singer.

Former Captain of the English Cricket Team, Alistair Cook frequently cites his training as a chorister at St Paul’s Cathedral for his astonishing composure and focus under pressure.

Choristers go on to thrive in many walks of life, from finance and the arts, to politics and medicine and many other careers.

Being a chorister at St Paul’s Cathedral is a unique and special experience, leading State functions of often international significance, and producing music of rare complexity and beauty.

With 100% scholarships, Chorister places are available for boys starting with us in Year 3, Year 4 or in exceptional cases in Year 5 and can join at any time in the school year.

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