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Date Range

This week in Reception we had a bit of a competition as part of our 'Up, up and away' theme. The children were given limited resources to make an aeroplane. This could be done independently or in a group in the hope that they could make their's fly the furthest. 

We were very impressed with everyone's efforts and there were some very interesting designs! 

Well done everyone for trying your best and thinking of ways to make your aeroplane better if it didn't fly too far. Congratulations to Vaughn for making the furthest flying aeroplane! 

Pre-Prep Easter Bonnets

It was wonderful to see how creative all the Pre-Prep children were with all the kind donations. They had a lot of fun showing them off and playing party games.





Year 3 Dance

An end-of-spring-term Year 3 dance medley took the few privileged spectators from Bohemian Polka through Scottish ceilidh and seventies disco to urban street dance. Not only was there striking cultural breadth to the performance of Ms Cassidy troupe as a whole, but there was also a range of characterful sub-groups, some dynamic pairs work, and individual expression in abundance.

It was an utterly joyful experience. Bravo Ms Cassidy and Year 3!


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