Read Write Inc Phonics


Phonics is taught daily in Reception and twice a week in Year 1 and 2 via the Read Write Inc programme. Daily sounds are also practised by Key Stage One children. Children learn the English alphabetic code and 40+ associated sounds, and then learn to blend these sounds into words. They also learn to read the same sounds with alternative graphemes. 

All Read Write Inc lessons follow a similar structure and children are taught in small groups allowing for differentiation to each child's needs. Fast paced reading and spelling work is followed by reading tasks using phonics story books, which closely match the increasing knowledge of phonics and word reading. This helps to increase fluency for reading and word recognition. 

All lessons include recapping of sounds, reading of key words, segmenting and blending, and reading for fluency from a book. Most sessions also include a writing task. Children move progressively through the scheme until completion, with assessment of knowledge taking place at the end of every academic term informing group allocation. 

Lessons are taught by teachers, teaching assistants and the SENCo who are all trained to teach the scheme.